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Today I set myself a very few goals. Winter does this sometimes. I feel as if I am trying to walk through water– so I take it slowly, one step at a time. One goal was to fix a pair of green cordoroy pants. (I know, inherently unfixable you say.) But first I needed to thread the needle. And, having medium-poor eyesight even with reading glasses, I needed my needle threader which was somewhere– somewhere, I kept assuring myself– in the large sewing basket that used to sit in my mother’s front entry and now sits in mine. Why there, I’ll never know. It’s not as if either of us rush up to our guests and begin sewing on buttons or hemming coats.  I use it less than most things. But there it sits.

First I had to lift out about 17 spools of thread, all of them intermarried and tangled. 50 or 60 buttons, none of them matching. Patches, embroidery skeins, measuring tape too old and stretched out to accurately measure anything. Sharp scissors. Ouch. Those I found. Packets of needles. Snaps. But no needle threader– which, if you have never used one, is one of the handiest things on the face of the earth. I had seen two of them floating around in the sewing basket not long ago. I was sure they were there. I dumped everything out on the sofa and kept rummaging, telling myself, take it easy, they’re in here. I’m easily flustered in winter when snow is fluttering steadily from a white sky.

Then I remembered the old phrase: Faith is belief in things not seen. And that made me laugh, applied to the needle threader. But it also made me relax because I realized that was exactly what was going on here– I had faith in something unseen. I did. It lightened everything. I didn’t have faith that the pants would fix themselves or that my eyes would magically improve. I had faith that I would find the tool I needed. To do the work myself. And in about a calm minute and a half, I did.  Am wearing the green cordoroy pants to prove it.



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