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Worry a Day: Why am I agreeing with Republicans? September 25, 2009

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Ok, so let me be honest. Any time I find myself agreeing with Republicans, I worry.

But let’s look at a recent newspaper article about what’s going on in New York State, my home state. (For my worry over the demise of newspapers, see earlier blog .) “The state’s highest court agreed Thursday ro expedite a hearing on whether Gov. David Patterson can legally appoint a lieutenant governor to fill the vacant position.”He wants to appoint Richard Ravitch, a 76 year old who headed the transit authority in NYC, and unsuccessfully tried to broker a deal for major league baseball when the ball players went on strike.

It goes on to say “Senate Republicans have contested the appointment in coiurt and so far judges have ruled against the Democratic governor.”

Let’s back up a minute. Governor Spitzer was thrown out of office for apparently consorting with prostitutes and taking them illegally across state lines. To me, any politician’s private life is private– even when anything but admirable. However, in Spitzer’s case he literally crossed a line. So we ended up stuck with David Paterson.

I didn’t vote for the guy to be my governor. Nobody did. We voted him in as lieutenant governor, which frankly, I spend as much time thinking about as I do  — well it’s hard to think of something I spend less time thinking about. When it comes to Vice President of the US we’re  hammered over and over: it’s just a heartbeat away. That was why, for me, Sarah Palin was more tragic than comic. In history, we’ve all seen too many sad occasions where the VP had to step in and become president. So we do think about it.

I doubt most New Yorkers were thinking, Hmm, I wonder if David Paterson will be a good governor just in case the ever-upright Gov Spitzer turns out to have a thing for hookers. So Paterson fell into that position. So far it seems to me he’s been doing a fairly dismal job. Then again, no one elected him to do this job.

Now Patterson wants to appoint the next guy in line. This would mean New Yorkers would have both a governor AND a lieutenant governor they did not elect to their current positions.

It seems to me the further politics strays from the actual voice of the actual people, the worse off we are. So, no, not only do I think Gov Paterson should not appoint the next guy who could become governor, I  think that we should allow a reasonable period of time to pass, and then hold another gubernatorial election. I think in a democracy, it’s our country, and we should choose our leaders. When in doubt, vote again. We let go of that right back when Gore won the popular presidential election, and the result was an eight year mess.

So here I am, siding with the Republicans. One more little note “Paterson and his private attorneys, hired at taxpayers’ expense, have told the courts that…the governor needs to have the seat occupied.” What’s wrong with that sentence? Not only do we  have a governor we never elected, we get to pay for him to fight in court to appoint the next guy we wouldn’t elect.

NOTE: The court just voted to allow Patterson to make the appointment. And the fun just never stops in NY state.



1. juanitas465 - November 6, 2009

Totally agree with this, just as surprised, it does not run in the family. The latest elections just proved how crazy NY politics are getting!

2. Matthew Piaker - November 14, 2009

So, here is a question bubbling up in my lawyer’s mind: If no one occupies the seat of Lt. Gov., and Patterson ceases to serve as Gov., either by reason of health or death or behaving like a Spitzer, who then is next in line? And is that a better or worse result than an appointee by Patterson? Seems from here in Massachusetts you find yourself between a New York rock and a New York hard place…

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